SMC3…  Sounds like the name of a new car… actually SMC3 is the name of the new war that is going on right now on a global basis.  Instead of armies it is now CEO vs CEO in the technology world.  Their generals are VC’s  and their solders are techies.  Their I-Phone is their weapon of choice, the I-Pad is their command post. The cloud is the command center. Social Media is their Intelligence agency.  CODE NAME  “SMC3”

They are all fighting over new and existing traditional markets.  As a result there are many new business opportunities in many areas, all for the taking.

The one stop shop market is getting very hostile.  Companies now want all of your  Social Mobile Cloud  (SMC3)  The value 3 indicates it’s true financial value. He who hold SMC3 hold the key. The key to your wallet and your wallets DNA.  It used to be everyone wanted a piece of you, now they want all of you.

The business world did not change,  we did.  We have become a  RED CARPET SOCIETY, we no longer want to watch.   We want to walk it, live it and be it.

SMC3 is just business re-acting to who we have become!  Here are just a few areas that will help secure the foothold on your wallet.  Don’t be to worried, either way you will be spending money. Enjoy it for what it is worth.

E-payments, mobile payments, mobile phones and devices, anything that shares you.  New billing methods, data analytics, data mining,  surveys and more surveys, app developers, clouds, cloud security, every type of cloud you could imagine, coupons and  daily deal style selling.  It’s a fast changing world we live in.

What a wonderful city we live in.

Darrell Ellens in Vancouver