Saying Good-Bye to Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason!

DarrellEllens‘s insight:

I just wanted to say thank you and say good-bye!

Andrew Mason changed the life of so many people from the consumer, known as the “subscriber” to the business owner, know as the “merchant” to all the sales reps, and to all Daily Deal companies from around the world that made up the industry.

Andrew Mason started an industry, the “DAILY DEAL INDUSTRY” and that I would like to thank him for. In a few short years, it has become a billion dollar industry.

I too, was caught up in the Daily Deal industry. As the manager of the Linkedin Group “Daily Deal Industry” I posted more articles about Groupon and the industry he created than anyone else in the world. I posted (curated) everyone elses stories as well to my Linkedin group. Who ever thought you could devote1,000’s of hours, sharing news about the daily deal industry. I always took a break from 3:00pm – 4:00pm to watch a new show called BloombergWest, which by the way is their 2nd birthday today.

Happy birthday to all of their 65 reporters and their behind the scenes staff.

For the first year or two everyone got into the business. Everyday I shared articles about this corporation and that corporation getting into the daily Deal Industry. I must of read and posted10,000 articles. 

On behalf of the Linkedin Group “Daily Deal Industry” I wish you the best of luck in your next start-up! You might not know yet what you will being doing, but I do. You will be doing something that has the entrepreneurial spirit attached to it, which sometimes includes fighting it.

Speaking from experience, it easier to accept being an entrepreneur, than it is to fight it.

Good Luck Andrew, you will always be remembered as the Founder!