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You probably have a website, and chances are, you have the ability to publish content to that website. So, why not write blog posts yourself? No one knows your business, and your customers (see readers) like you do. If you don’t have a website that you can edit yourself, check out my recommended list of website building tools. Think about it, if you’re not blogging, and your competitors are, they’re making out like bandits with customers that could/should be yours. Set aside 1-2 hours every week to write a blog post on one of the 13 topics below. Before you say that’s too much time, consider this stat I found in an recent ebook from Inbound Marketing giants HubSpot: “Companies with blogs get 55% more website traffic, and that number goes up exponentially whether you post once a week, twice a week, and then up to several times a day – wherein you become a thought leader in your field. Our advice? Blog as often as you can while keeping the content valuable for your prospects.”…

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